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About Thomason Hospitality Group

Dave Thomason has an eye for food and beverage franchises. Be it a hamburger spot, coffee stop or roadside eatery, Thomason has developed a knack for growing and fine-tuning food franchises.

After starting with Carl’s Jr. more than three decades ago, Thomason Hospitality Group LLC now operates Elmer’s, Human Bean and Pita Pit franchises, along with Taprock Northwest Grill, with more than 600 employees.

Originally from Southern California, Dave Thomason and his wife Doneta moved to Grants Pass when their oldest child, Danae, was just three years old. Danae now acts as regional manager for the firm’s Pita Pits and Human Bean stores, and her husband holds a district manager position. Thomason considers his work force of over 600 people statewide to be key in the success of his business.

“It’s all about the people that you have, and we have a focus of finding the right people, rewarding them for what they do, and making them feel the incentive to stay and to work hard. We provide a lot of incentives for our employees to be successful,” he said.

The CEO has also demonstrated his commitment to the hospitality industry in the state by actively participating in the Oregon Restaurant Association and championing those issues that directly benefit the industry at large. He has served on the ORA board for 18 years and at one time was the organization’s president.

“I love what I do,” says Thomason. Over the 40-some years he has been involved with food service, he and his wife have owned and operated a number of restaurant franchises, including Carl’s Jr., Blimpie’s and Kenny Rogers Roasters. Despite the many challenges he has had to contend with, from state-mandated pay raises to losing a store because of a highway project, Thomason has found the franchise model to be a good fit for his firm.

In fact, he plans to franchise the Taprock Northwest Grill himself in future years, marketing the innovative brand prototype to others who wish to tap into that success. He also plans to expand his other interests into new markets around the state. “When you look at Southern Oregon, I think there’s a lot of attraction and reasons to expand,” says Thomason. He would like to see more big employers locate in the area, bolstering the local economy and attracting more visitors to the region. “The job market is terrific when it comes to the kinds of people that they need,” he adds.

“We absolutely love being here,” says the former Californian. “Overall, I’ve recommended this area to a number of people that are looking for something different. For us, it’s been the perfect choice.”

Dave and Doneta Thomason

Our Company Values

Excellent Guest service means everything to us! Our goal is that every Guest leaves happy. In a recent independent survey, Thomason Hospitality Group's Guest service was rated as one of the highest seen in the restaurant industry. We have a terrific concept, but it will not work without our commitment to Guest service, quality, cleanliness and teamwork.

  • Guest Service
  • Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Skill
  • Experience
  • Enthusiasm
  • Positivity
  • Attitude

Our Brands

With our proven concept and the excellent management team we have in place, we are well positioned for continued growth in our existing markets and poised for expansion into new areas as well.  Each individual on our team brought us to where we are today, and each individual will take us to where we will be tomorrow.

The Purple Parrot
The Lucky Lizard

Our Core

With these values, we embrace our mission to bring each guests the best service possible.

Guest Services

No dining experience is complete unless the Guest is absolutely satisfied!

Personal Conduct

Each of us has certain responsibilities for adhering to recognized business principles.


Running a restaurant requires a team effort.


Respectful Workplace

Our objective is to ensure a work environment free of intimidation and discrimination.


We are always interested in your constructive ideas and suggestions for improving our operation.

Safety and Health

THG considers the safety of its employees, its Guests, and its operations the personal responsibility of all members of the organization.